Everything Men Know About Women

An in-depth research into the quest by all men to understand women

This brilliant groundbreaking, encyclopedic work looks at the bigger picture through centuries of world history. This book doesn’t dilly dally around with theory, allegedly as intended by its author. It just tells us the cold hard facts as it is. This book is the culmination of a lifetime of precious experience, gleaned through his interaction with thousands of men and women, who he has dealt with over the years. It contains everything that all men have always wanted to know about women but were too afraid to ask.

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This lovely, well-written book is concerned foremost with creating awareness for men and is essential for all professionals.

Raju Srivastava, a world renowned comedian, enchanted and amazed by this book, Everything Men Know About Women, tries to gain enlightenment from Dr Piyush Saxena, who has gained vast knowledge of women over the several decades from working with them in various capacities.

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A woman is indeed a mystery and an enigma !
A woman - you can't live with them, you can't live without them!
Dr Piyush Saxena
Ph.D. (Naturopathy), USA

A keen observer of human nature, Dr Piyush Saxena has studied thousands of people from all walks of life - from the world's most richest man to the poorest, across all continents.

Dr Piyush Saxena is a man of many talents - corporate professional, naturopath, wellness counsellor, cleansing therapist, past life regression therapist, activist, avid traveller, thinker, poet, painter, writer, film director, producer, actor, magician and above all, a considerate human being.

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